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Do you live with the desire for more connection with yourself and the world around you? Sometimes we reach a point in our lives where we are looking for greater clarity, a deeper understanding of who we are and how to live a heartbased life. Maybe you are looking for answers to certain questions, you feel that you want to reveal patterns or you want to be your true self in this world free of inner obstacles. If this resonates with you, a plant medicine journey can be a meaningful guide on your path of transformation and healing. In our ceremonies we use the healing power of nature and create a loving space, so that you can be safely taken on a journey within. Here you go beyond the noise in your system, so that you can hear the whispers of your subconscious again and come into contact with the wisdom that you already carry within you, but which you can’t always access.

The ceremony is given by Robert and Pleuni, in a beautiful space between the meadows near Oss. If you are considering to go on this journey, it is important to understand what to expect and how to best prepare for a safe and meaningful experience.
An all-inclusive psilocybin journey (including preparation, setting intentions and a soft ending) takes approximately 8 hours. The intensity and duration of the experience depend on a number of factors such as the dosage, individual sensitivity and your state (physical, emotional and spiritual) in the moment.
For this ceremony we have a group of maximum 10 participants. If the group is full, an extra spaceholder will also be present to support us. Before the ceremony, we take the time to check in with each other in a sharing circle where we also explain a little more about how the ceremony will go. During the first part we will guide you in understanding which dosage you want to receive: a low, average or high dosage. Then you will have some time for yourself to continue landing while we prepare the medicine.
During the ceremony, deep emotions, memories and unresolved issues may come to the surface. Boundaries between yourself and the external world can become blurred, leading to a sense of unity and liberation. Some people experience mystical or spiritual insights, transcendence or encounters with a higher power. This leads to deep introspection, giving you insight into, for example, your behaviour, thinking patterns and life choices.
We guide the ceremony with live music. It is not without reason that ceremonies have been performed with music since ancient times. Every song, every note, every melody has a certain frequency that affects your being. The silence in between is an essential part. In these moments you are, as it were, at the top of the mountain and you have a moment to look around you and take in the landscape. It is like an exhalation that gives you space and depth, a moment where you are alone with yourself. The songs we sing come from cultures around the world and serve as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Instruments bring a depth that is not possible with a playlist through a speaker and with live music we can fully tune in to you and the group. This way we can create a strong container; a safe space in which we can guide you through the peaks and valleys of your journey. Songs and sound are a tool to communicate with your being beyond the mind. With songs we invite certain energy into the room and hope to send your soul to places that deserve to be seen. For this we use our voice, guitar, shrutibox and medicine drum. Other instruments we work with include the hangdrum, flute and singing bowls.

At the end of the ceremony we ensure that everyone can “land” safely. We open the space for sharing experiences. When we feel that everyone is ready, we serve the food. After such a profound journey, it often feels like something very special to be together over a lovingly prepared and tasty meal. This is a moment of rest and recovery, in which the experiences of the ceremony can sink in.

After dinner you are free to breathe in the fresh air under the starry sky, connect with each other or go to bed on time. You sleep on the mattress in the ceremony room. The next morning we come together for breakfast and a closing ceremony with a sharing round.

In the days after the ceremony it is important to take time for integration. Reflect on the insights you have gained and consider how they can positively impact your life. Keeping a journal or expressing creativity can help you process your journey. If you feel that you need some more guidance after the trip, there is the possibility to continue working with both Pleuni and Robert in different ways

If you are interested in taking part, please email us first. Then we send you a booklet with a lot more information. 

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May 18 - 19 2024



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