Call of the North


Each Mantra & Medicine weekend is an initiation into a different season and thereby another aspect of our human selves. We take you deeper into the world of the transformative power of music. Here, we are more than singers; we are storytellers, mythweavers, and keepers of the Nordic flame.

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Every culture on the planet has their unique type of music. Even though each culture is unique, music unites all races, and has been used throughout history in rites, ceremonies and prayers.

The Nordic culture, is a treasure trove of timeless wisdom with its legends, sagas, and ancient traditions. Encompassing the lands of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland, this region is renowned for its stunning landscapes and the resilience of its people. It’s a place where the veil between the mundane and the mystical is thin, and where stories of gods, heroes, and mythical creatures are etched into the very fabric of life.

At the core of Nordic mythology are the stories of gods, goddesses, and giants. The likes of Thor, Freyja, and Loki play central roles in these myths. The essence of these divine tales lies human-like qualities of these gods, their flaws, and their interaction with both the mortal and immortal realms. These myths speak to the fundamental elements of life, nature, and destiny. One of the most iconic figures in Nordic mythology is Odin, the Allfather, a god of wisdom, poetry, and war.

Music played a pivotal role in Nordic ceremonies and rituals, serving as a bridge between the earthly and the divine. Whether in the form of chants, drumming, or hauntingly beautiful songs, music was used to invoke the spirits, convey stories, and create an atmosphere of transcendence. The ancient Nordic people believed that music held the power to connect with the spiritual world, and it was employed in a wide range of settings, from solemn funeral dirges to exuberant celebrations of victory. The haunting melodies of the Viking era, for example, conveyed the bravery of warriors and the mysteries of the natural world.
Nordic music is characterized by its raw and untamed power. It possesses an elemental quality that mirrors the rugged landscapes of the North. This rawness can be heard in the deep, resonant chants, the thunderous percussion, and the unadorned voices of its singers. It’s a music that reflects the wild spirit of the North, echoing the strength of the elements and the fierce determination of its people.
One of the most captivating aspects of Nordic music is its ability to evoke a sense of haunting beauty. The melodies often carry an eerie, otherworldly quality that resonates deep within the soul. These haunting harmonies can transport listeners to a place where reality and mysticism merge, where the darkness of the unknown becomes an enigmatic source of fascination.
Nordic music is a vessel of history, with each note echoing the stories of bygone eras. The darkness in this music isn’t just a void but a profound connection to the past, to ancient battles, sagas of heroes, and the long, harsh winters that shaped the Nordic spirit. These echoes remind us that darkness, in this context, is not to be feared but embraced as an integral part of the human journey.

At this Mantra & Medicine weekend, we draw inspiration from this rich Nordic legacy. Our shared musical journey is more than just a connective gathering; We use our voices to go on a journey of self-discovery. The music allows you to embrace your own rawness, the untamed aspects of our existence. We face our inner darkness, knowing that it is an integral part of our humanity, and that we we can find light within. We invite you to become a part of a timeless tradition. Through music, we unlock the mysteries of this captivating culture, explore the myths and legends that shaped it, and let our voices carry the echoes of ages past. Together, we honor the traditions of the North and create an experience that transcends time and place.

“This was incredibly beautiful"

About the Mantra & Medicine weekend ~ Spirit of the Earth

"During the singing I felt my life-force, my kundalini energy rising up through my body. I wanted to move and I noticed that I could direct the energy via my hands through the rest of my body. The team was very warm and loving. Robert and Pleuni know how to create such a comfortable and magical setting in which you can completely surrender to the trance like state the beautiful mantras take you into"

About the Mantra & Medicine weekend ~ Spirit of the Earth

"Thank you so much for this special weekend, this was deep and raw and painful, but also só beautiful to be able to experience with you guys. It gave me a lot to acknowledge the darkness within myself, especially because this is what we suppress in our daily life, with a smile as a mask"

About the Mantra & Medicine weekend ‘Call of the North’

"This weekend was a great gift. The beautiful location in the forest, the guidance of Pleuni & Robert, the food, the warm group of people. The music was magical. The Scandinavian texts and songs I still carry with me after this weekend. They really left an impression and stirred things up in me. The silence of the winter season was present as well as the powerful new energy of the next season. Being there is the only way to experience this"

About the Mantra & Medicine weekend ‘Call of the North’

This was fantastic! The combination of the raw and heavy theme and the clearly loving energy Robert & Pleuni and the team put into this event was unbelievably beautiful. So much energy has been released. There was space for all kinds of emotions, for the light as well as the dark. And because of the location and the time in between there was also the opportunity to work through this. And...Pleuni's voice! The voice of an angel. This event is something you want to experience!

About the Mantra & Medicine weekend ‘Call of the North’

"A pro event - great location, inspiring decoration, nature, great food, good care! Pleuni and Robert share their art and spirituality wholeheartedly! A mix of magic and grounding, also a festive feel. I have been to several of their events and it is always a delight. I highly recommend it!"

About the Mantra & Medicine weekend ‘Call of the North’