Spirit of the Earth

Each Mantra & Medicine weekend is an initiation into a different season and thereby another aspect of our human selves. We take you deeper into the world of the transformative power of music.

Communion with nature

Every culture on the planet has their unique type of music. Even though each culture is unique, music unites all races, and has been used throughout history in rites, ceremonies and prayers.
Medicine songs, or ‘Icaros’ hold boundless healing power, and can be described as songs that are infused with the consciousness of love and light. They are often produced and played in the spirit of ‘prayer’ or ‘offering,’ with strong intentions of blessing, healing and all-round wellbeing to those who may tune into them. Medicine songs have been a part of ancient cultures for as long as we know, and have been used to bring balance, healing and restoration to those who need it. These songs are often sung in plant medicine ceremonies and they
are potent vessels of energy, carrying the wisdom of ancient traditions and the whispers of nature herself.

An “icaro” is a sacred and magical song that holds deep significance within shamanic traditions, particularly in indigenous cultures like those found in Peru. It’s not just a musical composition, but rather a potent vibrational tool that shamans and curanderos (healers) use to connect with the spirit realm, including plant spirits. These melodies are thought to carry a unique energy that can influence, heal, and communicate with the unseen world.

An icaro is more than just a sequence of notes and words; it’s a channel for intention and healing. These songs can be sung, whispered, or even whistled. They are typically sung during ceremonies, rituals, and healing sessions. The melodies often possess a distinctive rhythm, tone, and structure that facilitate altered states of consciousness, enabling the practitioner and participants to enter a space of heightened awareness and connection.

One of the most fascinating aspects of icaros is their origin. Shamans often claim to learn these songs directly from the spirits themselves, often through personal experiences during plant diets or in dreams. 

The power of icaros lies not just in the lyrics but also in the melody, vibration, and intent that they carry, making them integral to the profound healing experiences found within shamanic practices.

About us

I co-facilitate the Mantra & Medicine weekends together with my partner Robert Tolenaars. We perform devotional music from all over the world in singing circles, cacao ceremonies and concerts. With a combination of vocals, guitar, shruti box and the medicine drum we feel we offer a unique depth to any journey. The power of sound and music is used as a way to inspire and heal, while guiding you through the light as well as the dark.

“This was incredibly beautiful"

About the Mantra & Medicine weekend ~ Spirit of the Earth

"During the singing I felt my life-force, my kundalini energy rising up through my body. I wanted to move and I noticed that I could direct the energy via my hands through the rest of my body. The team was very warm and loving. Robert and Pleuni know how to create such a comfortable and magical setting in which you can completely surrender to the trance like state the beautiful mantras take you into"

About the Mantra & Medicine weekend ~ Spirit of the Earth