Voice of the Desert

Each Mantra & Medicine weekend is an initiation into a different season and thereby another aspect of our human selves. We take you deeper into the world of the transformative power of music.

Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.

Every culture on the planet has their unique type of music. Even though each culture is unique, music unites all races, and has been used throughout history in rites, ceremonies and prayers. In our Mantra & Medicine weekend ‘ Voice of the Desert’ we take you on a journey through time as we fuse the evocative music of bygone eras of the old Achaemenid Empire with Persia at it’s heart and the Arabian realms around it. The enchantment of the Middle East extends far beyond its stunning deserts and ancient cities. It lies in the rich culture, interwoven with myths, legends, and a deep sense of spirituality, it evokes a sense of wonder and magic. Middle Eastern music is a journey of the senses, an odyssey that ignites the soul. It resonates with sensuality, weaving intricate melodies that mirror the curves of a dancer’s body. It enchants with its hypnotic rhythms, drawing you into a trance-like state. In every note and every beat, there’s a whisper of mysticism, a connection to something greater than ourselves.

  • Ancient Egypt had a rich tradition of hymns and invocations that were chanted during religious rituals. These hymns praised the gods, recounted stories from mythology, and sought divine blessings. Some of the most famous examples include the “Hymn to the Sun,” dedicated to the sun god Ra, and the “Hymn to Osiris,” which honoured the god of the afterlife.
  • Traditional Moroccan music is characterised by its use of various instruments, rhythmic patterns, and poetic lyrics. It often blends Arab, Berber, and Andalusian influences, creating a sound that is uniquely Moroccan. Sufism, a mystical Islamic practice, has a strong presence in Morocco. Sufi chants and rituals are characterised by their spiritual depth and the use of repetitive phrases and melodies to induce a trance-like state. The purpose is to connect with the divine and achieve a state of spiritual ecstasy.
  • Hebrew songs and chants are a fundamental part of Jewish religious rituals. Psalms, prayers, and liturgical melodies are sung during synagogue services, weddings, and other religious ceremonies. They serve to connect worshippers to the divine and create a sense of spirituality. Zemirot are songs specifically sung during the Jewish Sabbath (Shabbat) meals. These songs express gratitude, joy, and the sanctity of the day.
  • Classical Ottoman music, known as “Klasik Türk Müziği” or “Türk Sanat Müziği,” has its roots in the royal courts of the Ottoman Empire (with modern day Turkey as it’s heartland). It features intricate melodies, complex rhythmic patterns, and a wide array of traditional instruments, such as the oud, ney, and kanun. These musical compositions often carry elements of profound emotion, reflection, and spirituality. Turkey has also some beautiful folk music which is know as the music of the people. It is characterised by its regional diversity and often reflects the daily lives, joys, and sorrows of different communities across Turkey.

“This was incredibly beautiful"

About the Mantra & Medicine weekend ~ Spirit of the Earth

"During the singing I felt my life-force, my kundalini energy rising up through my body. I wanted to move and I noticed that I could direct the energy via my hands through the rest of my body. The team was very warm and loving. Robert and Pleuni know how to create such a comfortable and magical setting in which you can completely surrender to the trance like state the beautiful mantras take you into"

About the Mantra & Medicine weekend ~ Spirit of the Earth

The Mantra & Medicine weekend is a magical experience. It's the perfect combination of mantra singing, connection, Breathwork and spending time together with a wonderful group of people. The beautiful location in nature made that I felt I could just bé. I felt so unbelievably supported. I am looking forward to the next weekend!


About the mantra & Medicine weekend ~ Spirit of the earth