Stuff everywhere, boxes filled with plants, instruments and off course cacao 😉
We are moving from Tilburg to ‘s Hertogenbosch. It is the second time this year and I still can’t handle the chaos. It seems to be a theme in my life, being a nomad for about 8 years, and even now we have a homebase…it’s always temporary. I guess the chaos comes with the freedom which feels nice. To be able to leave at any moment. I like living anti-squad or temporary rent. Decorating a new place is fun, after all the work is done. And you are allowed to do whatever you like, such as painting the place yellow 😉

It feels like this month is going to be one of transformation. Lots of new things are coming.
A new website, a new logo, a new house, new instruments, a new location for my events, a new location for my private soundhealings (In the forest!)……fresh energy and a new vibe that fits who I am right now and what I want to bring into this world.

I will keep organising Magic Mornings in Tilburg, and some mantra nights every now and then. But there will be new events who will take place in ‘s Hertogenbosch. Psychedelic soundjourneys and Cacao ceremonies. And off course I keep traveling to Amsterdam every now and then, my favourite city. To guide the Microdose mornings with 2 of my favourite people…Erik and Morten from Pure Kakaw and Kokopelli Amsterdam.

For now…I have to unload a few more boxes…


Pleuni Apollonia