Classes, retreats
and private sessions

In my classes we explore the bodies natural way of moving and we try to find a lightness in our practice. I work a lot with waving and rolling through the spine and moving with grace and fluidity. I want to invite you to feel into your own body and move from deeply felt sensation. Rather than forcing your body into shapes, you will allow movements to express themselves freely and yoga postures to arise based on what your body needs.

Vinyasa flow

Coming from a background in modern dance, I see my own yoga practice as one flowing movement sequence, rather than separate postures. For me, the transitions from one posture to another are as important as the postures themselves. This dynamic way of practicing keeps the inner focus throughout the yoga classes and is a quality that I wish to share with my students. In my Flow classes all the movements are connected. There is a constant pulsing of the body, the movement never stops and therefore brings you into a meditative state.

My classes are a total experience. Everything is important. Sound, light, scent, temperature, surroundings. I want people to walk into the Shala and step into another world so they can start their journey inwards. I always check in with the energies present and feel what is the appropriate kind of practice for that day and that moment. I want people to feel nurtured and relaxed and I try to give everybody the attention they need and fill them up with positive energy.

Besides my verbal instructions I give hands-on adjustments in my class. The way I guide my students with my voice and my hands makes it able for them to stay in their focus. I wish to empower my students in a way that helps them to rediscover their own body and I encourage them into being sensitive to their own needs. Instead of giving generalised alignment instructions I try to look at everyone’s individual needs. I strongly believe we should look at the function of a pose instead of trying to copy ‘the picture in the book’.

Private Yoga

Would you like to receive more personal attention? In a private Yoga class I fully tune into you so the whole practice will be tailored to your needs. In this way it’s easier to make progress in a short amount of time. If a group class feels a little overhelming, a private class might be just the right thing for you. It’s also a great way to work on specific elements or recover from injury.

The practice is not in the asana, it is in the awareness.

Yin Yoga

Yin is a more passive form of yoga opposite to the more dynamic forms of yoga such as Vinyasa Flow. Instead of focusing on lengthening and strengthening the muscles, we focus on the joints and the deeper connective tissues like the fascia and the ligaments.
My Yin classes are very meditative, and there is space to completely dive into your inner world. We will work through a series of postures that are held for a long time, about 2-7 minutes. Although Yin Yoga is a simple practice, it is not an easy one and it can be very challenging for the body and the mind because we have to slow down, let go and accept our bodies. By enhancing the flow of Prana, we work through blockages in the body that can store old emotions.

We all need to be centered, balanced and whole. For our bodies to stay healthy and in balance we need the Yin as much as the Yang.


Myo Fascial Release

What is Myo Fascial Release?

In some of my Yoga classes and private sessions I work with therapy balls to help identify and release areas in the body that are tight, overused or underused.  Through a series of self massage techniques designed for the neck, shoulders, upper back, hips and legs we release tension. The floor and the wall are used as a foundation for rolling out tensed areas to facilitate myo fascial release and to work on the parasympathetic nervous system, calming the mind and the body.

Yoga is about empowerment. As teachers it is important that we are guiding our students towards their own experience. This is what true embodiment means.