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Plant Medicine

Are you ready to embark on a voyage of self-discovery?

At the heart of my offerings lie ceremonies that bridge the physical and metaphysical realms for those who are seeking transformation, growth, and the magic that lies within. Magic truffles are a potent gift from nature and have been cherished across cultures for their mystical properties and profound effects on the body, mind, and spirit. I offer you guidance in different forms, and I try to create a nurturing space in which you feel safe enough to explore these new worlds. 

What is plant medicine

Embracing ancient wisdom

Magic Truffles
Psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychoactive ingredient found within magic truffles, is a gentle guide that invites us to expand our perceptions and explore the uncharted territories of our consciousness. The effects of psilocybin are renowned for their ability to deepen self-awareness, dissolve boundaries, and foster a profound sense of interconnectedness with the universe.

Microdosing invloves consuming a very small dose of magic truffles. Unlike traditional doses, which lead to noticeable perceptual shifts, microdosing aims for more sub-perceptual effects. The doses are so small that they don’t induce intense alterations in perception or consciousness. Instead, many describe the effects as a gentle enhancement of mood, creativity, and cognitive function. Also, everything you experience becomes amplified. This is why I love working with a microdose of magic truffles in my private soundhealings for example. The sound is felt even more intensely and memories, insights or emotions that might otherwise stay hidden, come to the surface more easily. If you are looking for a subtler way to experience the benefits of psychedelics without the intensity of full doses then this is a beautiful first step into the world of plant medicine. 

Transform your life


The history of psychedelics

Across cultures and continents, indigenous peoples recognized the potential of psychedelics as tools to access the divine and delve into the layers of human consciousness. In rituals that spanned from the rainforests of the Amazon to the mountains of the Himalayas, sacred plants like magic truffles and mushrooms were employed as allies on the path to understanding the self, the cosmos, and the intricate dance that binds them.

In many cultures, the consumption of psychedelics was embedded in pivotal life events. Coming-of-age ceremonies, initiations, and rites of passage often involved partaking in these substances, guiding individuals through transformative experiences that marked significant transitions in their lives. These rituals were not only a means of personal growth but also a way to connect with ancestors, spirits, and the deeper currents of existence.

The echoes of these ancient practices still resonate in modern times. As we explore the healing potential of psychedelics today, we continue a tradition that spans millennia – a tradition rooted in the belief that the natural world holds the keys to our well-being, growth, and spiritual connection. Sadly psychedelics are still taboo for many people. The fear and hesitation that surround it stems from a lack of understanding of their profound healing aspects.
With respect for the traditions that have come before and a deep curiosity for the mysteries that lie ahead, I try to walk this path that unites us with the threads of healing woven throughout human history.

Together with Robert I facilitate plant medicine ceremonies in which we guide the full ceremony with LIVE music. Would you like to know more? Drop me a message. 


Frequently Asked

Do you give plant medicine journeys with a full dose?

Yes, I do. Together with my partner Robert Tolenaars I guide plant medicine journeys in small groups of max 10 participants. We usually work with people who already know us and feel connected to our way of working and our music. This is a one day ceremony with sleepover. During the first part we will guide you in understanding which dosage you want to receive: a low, average or high dosage. Please email us for more information and upcoming ceremony dates.

Do you give private truffle ceremonies?

Yes, I do, for groups of friends or couples  in the comfort of you own home together with my partner Robert Tolenaars. You can find more info about it HERE

I have had a bad experience with plant medicine

Proper preparation, a supportive environment, clear intentions, and an understanding of the potential effects are crucial for a safe and meaningful journey. Remember that each journey is unique, and approaching it with respect and mindfulness can lead to valuable insights and personal growth.
It’s always a good idea to tell us about your previous experience, and how you think we can support you. 

Can I eat before taking (a microdose of) truffles?

It is best not to eat right before you arrive. Make sure your food is already digested, but you are also not hungry.
Best is to stay away from animal products and coffee for the day

Where do you give your private soundhealings?

The soundhealing sessions take place in a beautiful little wagon at the edge of the ‘Loonse en Drunense duinen’ in Helvoirt (close to Denbosch). This place is not easily accessible by public transport.

Can I drive after a microdosing session?

It usually isn’t really a problem to drive, because a microdose is a very small amount. Having that said, everybody reacts different to plant medicine. Your senses are more hightened, and it could be a bit more difficult to focus.
The location where I hold my soundhealing sessions is at the edge of the forest. I always recommend to take a walk in nature, before getting into the car.

Do truffles make you nauseous?

You may feel nauseous for a bit when taking truffles, although this is not always the case. Especially with microdosing it is rare that you feel sick. It’s best to not eat for 2 hours beforehand, and only eat light healthy vegan food the days before a ceremony. If you do get nauseous, drinking ginger tea could help. Furthermore, it is better to accept the nauseous feeling, and try to embrace it. You will often notice it disappears after a while. 

Are there contra-indications for using truffles?


  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not advised to take psychedelics.
  • Psychological disorders such as borderline, schizophrenia and psychoses are very strong contraindications.
  • If you have cardiovascular problems.
  • If you use medication such as Tramadol, antidepressants, antipsychotics and blood pressure medication.
How many people are in the truffle ceremonies you facilitate?

This differs per event. For the microdosing events the groups are bigger than for the truffle ceremonies in which we serve a full doses. In the medicine ceremonies we work with small groups of maximum 10 people. In the private ceremonies we offer, you can choose yourself with how many friends/family members you would like to share this experience.

“Thank you so much for this special weekend, this was deep and raw and painful, but also só beautiful to be able to experience with you guys. It gave me a lot to acknowledge the darkness within myself, especially because this is what we suppress in our daily life, with a smile as a mask”


About the Mantra & Medicine weekend – Call of the North 

“Thank you for your calm and loving guidance. I felt the afterglow the rest of my day”

About the Magic Morning

“I have felt the calling to dive into the world of plant medicine since a long time. But I never found the right setting and the right person to introduce me to these plants.
The environment you provided for me was so safe and healing that I felt fully supported to face my fear and resistance to letting go of control. And to experience what happens to ‘go through’ this because I felt that I was safe with you. I still felt the effects of this today. And something tells me this will stay for a while!

Thank you again for this immensely valuable experience and your wonderful healing powers as a woman. Super inspiring and I feel very grateful that I received this session.

About the private soundhealing with Cacao and Microdosing 

“Your support, your embrace and your voice have led me to a place I felt I had to go but didn’t dare to venture alone.”

About the plantmedicine journey 

“Thank you for this wonderful journey. Your voice, your energy, all of you, were a fundamental part of my incredibly happy journey. Every song you sang and played made me recall many important things in my life. It seemed like each one of them was perfect for me. I have no words to describe this experience and what it has helped me understand.”

About the plantmedicine journey