Private ceremonies

Together with my partner Robert Tolenaars I am guiding private ceremonies on request for small groups of people in the comfort of you own home. This is a beautiful way to share the experience with family members or friends.

The ceremony will take a full day. We take the time to set up the space together, prepare the medicine and start slowly with some relaxation, intention setting and breathwork. In the week before we will plan a check in call where we further adjust and atune the ceremony to your whishes and feel what is alive for you in the moment. 

On this page you can read all the practical information so you know all the ins and outs.  If you’re considering this journey, it’s important to understand what to expect and how to prepare for a safe and meaningful experience.

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The medicine

We use magic truffles containing psilocybin in our journeys. During the first parts of the ceremony you get the time to feel into what kind of dose you wish to receive. A light, medium or high dose.

The music

During the ceremony we will both play live music, weave our songs into the fabric of the ceremony and at times leave a peaceful silence in between. The songs we sing come from all kinds of different cultures and serve as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, guiding you through the mysteries of altered states. By playing music LIVE we are able to fully tune into you and guide you through the peaks and valleys of your journey. This creates a strong container and deepens your experience in a very profound way. Music also amplifies everything beautifully by evoking a shared experience among all.

Some of the instruments that support our voices are guitar, shruti box and medicine drum. We also often bring other instruments like my hangdrum, flutes and singing bowls. Throughout history, the fusion of live music and consciousness-altering substances has held a significant place in various cultures worldwide.

The duration

A psilocybin journey with everything included (preparation time and intention setting + soft ending) usually takes about 6 hours. The intensity and length of the experience depends on factors such as the dosage, individual sensitivity, and personal mindset. 

Intention vs Expectation

Setting clear intentions before your journey can significantly influence your experience. Intentions act as a guide, helping to direct your focus and energy during the journey. Having a purpose can enhance the depth and meaning of your experience.

Deep emotions, memories, and unresolved issues may surface. This can lead to both cathartic release and personal insights. The boundary between oneself and the external world may blur, leading to a profound sense of unity. The journey often prompts deep introspection, helping you gain insights into your behavior, thought patterns, and life choices. Some individuals experience mystical or spiritual insights, a sense of transcendence, or encounters with a higher power.


How to prepare

  • Clarify your intentions for the journey. This can range from seeking personal insights, healing, creativity, or simply exploring your consciousness.
  • We advise you to eat healthy vegan food in the days before the ceremony, and if possible skip alcohol and coffee for a while. Eat a light meal on the day of the ceremony but not more than 2 hours beforehand.

What we bring

We will take care of the music. We bring our instruments, a little speaker, a small carpet and our own cushions to sit on. Delicious ceremonial Cacao and of course the plant medicine. Different essential oils to work with and incents, sage, copal and candles to burn. We often also bring other stuff to create the right ceremonial space.

What we expect from you

Please make sure you have set up a space big enough for everyone to lay down on a matress, and for us to sit with all our instruments. Create a space that feels beautiful, tidy and safe. Everyone brings their own matresses and blankets/sleeping bags/pillows to create a warm nest for themselves. here is a checklist:

  • Mattresses/blankets/pillows for each
  • Food and snacks you like
  • Eye covers if you want
  • Some small buckets
  • Journal to write in
  • Items for the altar or powerful objects you wish to have with you.

We ask you as the hosts of the ceremony to prepare a dinner and some snacks for all of us so that you can make your favourite food! At the end of the ceremony Me and Robert will heat up the food, and prepare the snacks for all of you.


We will send everyone who attends the ceremony a questionaire to fill in beforehand, about your health and wellbeing so that we are fully up to date on anything we need to know. Please also know that there are certain contraindications for taking part in a medicine journey.


When the ceremony comes to an end, we bring in the food you have prepared in advance and make sure everyone has landed again. We open the space for sharing and only when we feel everyone is doing fine, we leave you to connect as a group. Our experience tells us that being with people you dearly love after a ceremony like this, is beautiful. 

It’s important to take time for integration in the days after the ceremony. Reflect on the insights gained and consider how they can positively impact your life. Journaling or creative expression can also be very helpful in processing your journey.


If you have any questions you can email us HERE!


€1250 excl.

We have one standard price for our ceremonies. We leave it up to you with how many participants you wish to journey so you can share the costs, with a maximum of 7 people.
The price
includes the costs for the plant medicine, (cacao & truffles) and excludes our travel costs. 

Optionally you can book a personal or group focussed integration session with us as an extra, depending on your wishes this will be between €100 and €300. It’s also possible to come for a private session with Robert or me. Prices are on our website. 

A taste of our music 

Om Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaḥ Tat-savitur Vareñyaṃ Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yonaḥ Prachodayāt 

Om: The primeval sound
Bhur: the physical body/physical realm Bhuvah: the life force/the mental realm Suvah: the soul/spiritual realm
Tat: That (God)
Savitur: the Sun, Creator (source of all life) Vareñyam: adore
Bhargo: effulgence (divine light)
Devasya: supreme Lord
Dhīmahi: meditate
Dhiyo: the intellect
Yo: may this light
Nah: our
Prachodayāt: illumine/inspire

When the fire in my soul Burns a longing for the goal And I know in my heart it is you
Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Ma
In the deep on the night From the darkness shines the light And I know in my heart it is you
Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Ma
When the truth is revealed All the sorrows shall be healed And I know in my heart it is you.
Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Ma

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